A Pacaya Volcano Hike Poem

Some people climb mountains stay active in their lives. But what if the mountain that you are climbing is active too? I don’t mean Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge active, where bolder just roll beside you. I am talking active volcano! Pacaya Volcano Hike By Gregor   South of Guatemala City, the capital of the nation, Lays a volcano restlessly since the 1965’s desolation. Mighty Volcán de … Continue reading A Pacaya Volcano Hike Poem

Poem – Angelic

Originally posted on Sunshower:
A poem from the challenge word “Cure”. Proposed by the exceptionally admirable blogger and poet Grexxen. Thank you for encouraging me forward! A story about curiosity, bravery, and about overcoming all obstacles.  A story that evidences the power of love. A poem on the shape of a AABBCC I give you, Angelic by Adriana ? In one of the angelic realms… Continue reading Poem – Angelic

A Friendship Poem (1/5)

Some say, that some friends are like family. The beauty of friendship, however, is, that friends can always leave, but decide to stay. Floating on the ever-lasting sea that is called life Your sole identity is divided into roles, counting at least five. Each of them is requiring individual poetic attention Thus, I will do a series of five, for easier comprehension.   Starting with … Continue reading A Friendship Poem (1/5)

A Chinese New Year’s Origin Poem

For years, the monster NIAN had been terrorizing the poor villagers. But with the appearance of a mysterious stranger, the tidings seem to change. Watchmen: „Villagers, come! Pack your stuff! Forget the weapons, the beast is too tough. The only way for you to survive Is to take your kids and your wife. And make haste before the night, When the monster Nian, in all … Continue reading A Chinese New Year’s Origin Poem